International Quilt Show

Yesterday I spent the day at the International Quilt Show in Chicago. It was an easy drive from Oak Creek to the Rosemont...or Donald E Stephens Convention Center.  We left the house at 7:45, stopped for breakfast and still got to the convention center by a few minutes after 10.  It was perfect timing.  I tried to check into the hotel, but it was a bit early so we just left our bags in the car and headed over to the show.

I really did not know what to expect.  I did hope that it was somewhat like the Quilt Markets that the designers go to.  I read about those all the time.  It turns out it's not really like that at all.  There were vendors, quilt shops and stores from all around the country.  But I wanted to see people like Sweetwater, Jaybird Quilts, Moda, etc.

There were lots of shops represented, all the longarm companies as well as the sewing machine companies.  So we shopped.  I didn't really stop at any of the fabric shops that carried the usual stuff. And that's why - it was the usual stuff I've seen both online and at the local quilt shops. I wasn't really interested at stopping at the area's quilt shops so I didn't go to any of the vendors from Wisconsin.

My first stop was a quilt shop from Hawaii.  They had lots of Japanese fabrics and they handed me a bucket to load my fabric choices in. It was fun to pick ut the pretty greys and oranges.  Then I found a shop that had a bundle with the yellow fabric I needed to finish Bailee's quilted growth chart so I bought the bundle.  After that I found a woman from Louisiana who made her own patterns as well as designed her own fabrics.  So I bought a bundle and they threw in some patterns. 

The best thing was getting to see the people from Country Threads.  I have always loved them.  However, over the years, I've also grown to love modern quilting and Country Threads really had no representation in that market.  So I've moved away from their work and started to follow Jaybird Quilts.  So now here I was, in the Country Threads booth that displayed many modern quilts as well as their traditional line.  It was the best of both worlds.  So I am back in love with Country Threads.

My husband bought me one of their kits and some of the fabrics in it is very modern.  I cannot wait to put it together.

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