Oilcloth and Pet Screen Tote and ReUsable Snack Bags

At this month's Quilts for Kids meeting, Patty, one of the volunteers brought along this bag she made.  I just loved it and I asked her if I could take a photo of it and draw out some instructions.  So I measured and wrote down everything as best as I could.  Since we met at Bigsby's, I headed into the store to purchase the canvas to make it when she told me she bought a roll of pet screen from the hardware store.  You got more and it was so much cheaper. 

Since it is a good idea to support the people who allow us to meet here, I bought a yard of oilcloth for the bag instead.  The oilcloth was from a fabric line called "Man Caves".  It reminded me of something that would be fun to have at a tailgate party at Miller Park or up at Lambeau, with all the cool beer bottles on the fabric.

On my next trip to the Menard's, I picked up the pet screen and the lady from the QFK meeting was so very right.  A 36" x 84" roll was $13.99 as opposed to $21/yard at the fabric store. 
Following my little drawing, I measured out the pet screen and cut one large piece; then I cut two pieces of oilcloth and two pieces of kona cotton, 1-inch larger than the oilcloth.  I sewed the top and bottom, right sides together.  When turning the pieces right-side out, you can see that it formed a yellow strip across the top since the yellow piece was larger. 

I sewed the straps down which automatically formed pockets on the bag.  Then I sewed in the side seams and finished them with a strip of oilcloth so when reaching into the bag, I wouldn't snag anything. Then I made gussets in the bottom to make the bad sit squarely on the table.  Once completed, I had more than a half-yard of oilcloth left.  So I purchased some nylon and made a large and medium-sized snack bag with zipper closures.  I envision using one for buns or snack chips and the other for sliced limes and celery for Bloody Marys. 
Let the tailgating begin!

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