Sewing Table Progress

The weather here in Wisconsin is unusually cold for June. Normally I would spend all my spare time outdoors this time of year.  But since it isn't all that warm, I thought I would take the opportunity to finally urethane my sewing table. It's been without knobs or all the extra doo-dads I want to incorporate on the massive table because I have not put the finish on it.  So I took the doors and drawers out to the garage and set up a covered workspace that looks a little like Dexter's workroom (the plastic sheets cover the floor as well as the table and sawhorses because I am lazy with a drippy paintbrush). It took me an entire week to put on 3 coats of urethane with the standard sanding and wiping down between each coat. 

After the doors and drawers were completed I headed up to the sewing room where we used chunks of 4x4 posts to lift that giant sucker off the ground.  I laid out my painting tarps and proceeded to get three coats of urethane on that as well.  It may not have been warm enough to stay outdoors, but it was warm enough (in the 60s) to open all the windows for both ventilation and help with drying. 
So now that it's all nice and protected with a satiny shine,  we got all the handles and bars screwed on.  The only thing left to do is stain/finish the top.  And the only reason that isn't done is because I haven't decided whether I want to stain it, paint it, or stencil a fancy border on it.  Funny how when the sky is the limit, it's almost too much to comprehend.  The other hang-up on not getting it done is that we need to figure out how to raise/lower the machine into the top.  I think we will get some ideas from the International Quilt Show next week in Chicago. 

I am thrilled that I can finally fill the cabinets and the drawers now.

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