Quilted Growth Chart Completed

Quilted Wall Hanging
My daughter, Bailee made this adorable growth chart for her girls.  I quilted it and attached the binding for her.  I also put a sleeve on the back so she could easily hang it from a rod. She doesn't know about that so it will be a nice surprise.

It is so cute. I hope she likes how it turned out. I can imagine her either embroidering the girls' height measurements on it or even using a cute pins or buttons to mark their progress.  There's a lot of ways she can go with that. I can't wait to hand it over to her later today.  It will look great in Chloe and Avery's room.

Sadly, I got it a little dirty while trying to take this photo.  It rained all night last night so when I hung it on my clothesline, it dragged to the ground - the ropes are so waterlogged, it will take a while for them to dry out.  So I used the hanger that the bird feeders are on.  Unfortunately, there was a little mud that must have splashed up from the ground onto the pole, so now there is a little mud mark on the bottom part of the binding on the back.  I hope I can quickly wipe it off without much notice.  At least it's on the back!

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