Floating Squares Quilt - WIP

As I picked all the quilting out of my fall quilt to remove the backing that I decided didn't go with the quilt, I knew where I wanted to use that fabric even before I removed all the stitches. I used a Marble Mates dark green and in small patchwork, that fabric went well in the fall quilt but in a large piece on the back it almost had a camo look. I thought I could soften it through quilting, but it just looked worse so I picked and picked until all the quilting was removed. Luckily I only quilted a quarter of the quilt before I knew it had to go!

At a Christmas gift swap with my Quilts for Kids chapter, I received a Home of the Brave charm pack and some yardage. I knew that Marble Mates dark green was a much better match with this military-themed fabric collection than the fall quilt. I even knew of a perfect pattern to use to make a quilt top! 

The current issue of Missouri Star Quilt Company's Block magazine contained the pattern. It's called Floating Squares and uses a charm pack plus some yardage for the background. It is a modern quilt and has lots of negative space and the camo-look of the Marble Mates would fit the bill.
I ironed the large piece of Marble Mates to remove all the evidence that I picked out quilting from the fabric. Amazingly, it looked like new. Good thing I am very careful at unsewing. The instructions in the magazine are straightforward and the simple piecing made this go together very quickly. I cut and sewed the entire quilt top in less than a day. I was so happy to use up the charm pack, yardage and Marble Mates.
Home of the Brave fabric

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