Mini Notions Bags

I've had the tutorial for a cute mini notions bag on one of my Pinterest boards for quite a while and today I thought I would give it a whirl. As part of my new year's resolution to try new things, this would qualify.

The tutorial used 4-inch zippers and I have a bunch of them leftover from another craft project. I buy all my zippers from ZipIt - an Etsy store that I love. The zippers are reasonable and the more you buy the cheaper they get so of course I bought way more than I needed. So I decided to try this tutorial and the largest piece to cut was 5 inches by 4 and a quarter inches. That meant using up scraps.

This may seem like a funny way to use up scraps but basically what I did was take out my 4-inch zippers and match the colors of the zippers to the scraps I had. I came up with many great combinations.

To make this project even better, while I was digging through my scrap bin, I found some leftover pieces of clear vinyl from an I-Spy project I did with some of my coworkers for an Alzheimer's awareness event. We made I-Spy bags for patients in nursing homes. It was a lot of fun and rewarding.

I cut the pieces out and made a few changes to the original tutorial from Simply Notable that can be found here. First of all, the original project used laminated fabric and I used quilting cotton. That meant I had a little more fraying to deal with so I zigzagged the edges after I sewed around the edges. Secondly, I butted a piece of lining fabric up against the backing fabric so there would be a liner inside the back of the little bag. That way when you peeked in the vinyl window, you would see the lining instead of the back side of the backing. Third, I didn't use a Teflon foot. It wasn't really necessary as long as I put my cotton fabric on top of the vinyl, there was no problem with sticking while sewing.

And that's about it. Aren't they cute?
Vinyl Window Zip Pouch


  1. Lovely, Kathy! Would so appreciate it if you would link to our original tutorial on ! :-)

    1. Thanks for noticing my version of your pouches! The link to your tutorial is in the first sentence of the 5th paragraph.