Pyramid Power Bag

Wisconsin Shop Hop Fabrics
I made this second version of the Pyramid Bag. After my first (upside-down) attempt, I just had to do one right. So I dug up some scraps and a matching zipper, and there we have it - a pyramid pouch where the fabric direction doesn't really matter so on that note, I guess I couldn't get it wrong this time even if I tried.

During the class I attended, we were supposed to make two versions of the pyramid bag; a larger one that's 12 inches wide and a smaller one that's 6 inches wide. I didn't get far enough along within the class time to finish the second bag. I had it cut out and interface applied but that was all.

Since I finished a new version of the larger bag, I thought I should finish the smaller one as well. Since there's no scale to these photos it is hard to tell but the smaller pouch is so very cute. I think I will definitely be making many more of these little ones. I absolutely love it.

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