Shoo-Fly Quilt (A Fall Quilt) - Completed

Grand Finale by Sandy GervaisI finished the Shoo-Fly quilt late Sunday afternoon while watching our Packers beat the Giants in the playoff game. Sewing the binding on this quilt was a nice distraction when things weren't going well for our team which wasn't very often since they played well and won by a comfortable margin.

Considering I started this quilt in September and worked through some issues with picking out lots of quilting as I realized I hated the original backing I chose, I don't think this took all that long. I did set it down during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays while I contemplated what I would do about the ugly backing I originally chose so the time actually spent on the quilt wasn't all that bad.

Using the leftover layer cake squares from the chosen fabrics with some yardage I got on sale made a great deal of difference in how the back turned out. Lesson learned: if it's an iffy choice - stop and rethink it.
Grand Finale by Sandy Gervais
Yesterday was an overcast day so it was perfect for taking photos of the quilt. Although it was a little windy, I did not have to hold it down. The only awkwardness came from its bulk; the quilt measures 84" x 104".

I am very happy with the end results and I just might enter this one in a quilt show.

Grand Finale by Sandy Gervais

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