Happiness is . . .

My daughter gave me an Etsy gift certificate for Christmas and it took me 4 whole days before I spent it! I also had some money in my PayPal account since I sold my Tutto case. I think the $$ were burning a hole in my pocket.

There are three fabric shops on Etsy that I call my favorite(s). They are all wonderful and unique and I hope they are all around for a very long time.

Normally I'm not very spontaneous when purchasing fabric but my husband was in the hospital having a 5 to 6 hour cardiac procedure and while sitting in the waiting room, I made the purchase. Long waits in hospitals make me do crazy things. This was sort of crazy. I didn't need any fabric and after cleaning up my sewing room earlier this week, I was feeling even more guilty for being so impetuous.

Today the postman delivered my new fabric selections - some were from the clearance section of the Etsy site so that really gave me more bang for my buck. Just look at these little beauties:
As always, there's some Sweetwater fabric in my purchase. I'm not sure what I will use it for, but I can guarantee, it will be used. What fun to add to my stash!

Happiness is . . . new fabric.

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