182 Day Solstice Quilt Challenge - Week 11

Block #11 is called Quilt Math and I used some nice purples to make the block.

I also decided to take the pieces I started to cut for block #9 and make my own version. It's not as big as the original but I didn't really like that block. And I'm not so sure I like the one I invented either but I can always revisit it when I have more blocks completed.


  1. yeah once she did the bigger blocks I kinda lost interest in this one. she started out kinda traditional and ended up kinda modern. I dont think I will like it all together so I stopped at like 5 or 6 blocks and will rethink my plan for that quilt. it is on the back burner for now and others have jumped ahead

    1. I really think it's the mystery thing...I just have to know what I'm getting into well in advance. Isn't it nice to always have some other project to do instead? :)