Animal Print Quilts for Kids Quilt Completed

I've had this fabric for a while. It was donated to Quilts for Kids and I thought it would be easy to make a nice quilt out of it. It was not as easy as I thought. I think it's the colors. Even though they are nice primary colors, the background makes it a little difficult to turn into something sweet and soft.

So I found some chambray fabric in my stash and I put it next to the fabric. It seem to soften it a little. I decided to make sashing out of the chambray and put it between blocks of the animal print. That was the animal print could still be a focus fabric and the blue chambray matches some of the color in the print.

I quilted the quilt in large meandering swirls which took no time at all. Then I found this cute bug fabric to set off the animal print and I used that for binding. It may not be the cutest quilt ever, but it does have a bit of whimsy in it after all.

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