What's on the design board?

I have my 182 Day Winter Solstice Challenge quilt blocks on my design board. Since today another block came out, I'm a little behind in making it. It looks like a really cool block so I look forward to adding it to the current quilt blocks. I think I will make it in purples.

When I went to the Winter Quilt Show in West Bend last weekend I picked up this cute Bubble Guppies fabric. My granddaughter, Avery absolutely loves the Bubble Guppies so I decided it would make a nice surprise for her. I used the economy block instructions found in the book Shape Workshop for Quilters by Katy Jones. It will be a nice picnic blanket for us to take to the beach this summer. I'm sure she will love it.

I had to go to see my doctor this week as I have bronchitis. My terrible cough has been worse and my lungs absolutely hurt. My husband thought I had pneumonia but as it turns out that is not the case. I am on some high-powered antibiotics that are making me sick to my stomach. I sure hope they work, this thing is interfering with my quilting.

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