The Solstice Project

The 182-day solstice challenge blocks are driving me crazy. I guess I just don't like unfinished projects. I know how hypocritical that sounds since I have many, many unfinished projects. I decided to make my own rules for this project. First of all, if the blocks are larger than 12 and a half square I will skip them. Second of all, if there is applique to be done, I might skip them depending on how much applique.

With that said, I am finished with the blocks up to week 11. And yes, I skipped week 8 and 12, modified week 9 and am considering making week 14 because the applique part looks pretty simple. I also have to complete week 13's block which looks pretty.

Here is my modified week 9 block and my completed week 11 block:

1 comment:

  1. I like your blocks so far. I already have made mine into a UFO LOL once she started with the weird size blocks I went on to another project. I will come back to this and find other blocks I like and make them in blues for a finish.