Quilts for Kids Finished Quilts

I really struggled to get good photos of some of these quilts. They turned out to be way too busy. I'm not making excuses however, it was definitely a challenge to use up these fabrics.

The reason I say that is that the fabrics were all donated to our Quilts for Kids group. We take those fabrics and try to turn them into something cute and usable. At the same time I see these quilts as an opportunity to try new techniques in both piecing and quilting. Sometimes the end result looks amazing and sometimes it can be an epic fail.

I think the pink quilt is an example more on the fail end of the quilting spectrum. I used coordinating fabrics from the same fabric line and added more subtle fabric in-between and yet the result is way too busy. So busy, I can't photograph it successfully. But it is still cuddly and very cute up close.

I used the same pattern for a blue and green version of the quilt with much more success. The
 pieced blocks are better defined within these colors. But it's still not the greatest. Again, up close, the fabrics are cute and bright and I'm sure it will be loved by someone.

For the last quilt, I used a total fabric collection that was available. And I used every last piece in that collection. The pattern I used is called Zoo Dwellers and it was free. Here is the link to that pattern. I really like it and I am certain I will use it again. Some of the pieces in the collection weren't large enough to make some of the blocks so I pieced the leftover scraps in order to complete the blocks. It was a fun puzzle and a great challenge to use it all.
Quilts for Kids
It felt good to get some Quilts for Kids quilts completed. I like doing these for charity and I feel like I get something back since I used these quilts as an opportunity to try techniques I normally would be afraid of.

We had our last meeting this past Saturday and I picked up more donated fabrics. I can't wait to dig in and see what I will come with for next month's meeting.

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