Farm Girl Vintage - WIP

I'm moving right along with my Farm Girl Vintage quilt. I've finished all the blocks and started on the sashing. I'm trying to make sure I get lots of variety in my little cornerstones however there are so many, I'm certain I will have to repeat some.

The quilt is large enough that I had to put the blocks on the design board sideways in order to fit all the rows on the board. It's actually a nice way to trick my eye into looking at the color placement over the design on the blocks.

Today my girlfriend came over and we did some sewing together. It was fun to have a quilting partner to share ideas and just chat and sew. We've decided that we are going to do this on a regular basis. I am really excited to have the company.

I've had a lot fun making these blocks and feel very accomplished just for making every block in the collection. I still want to make the silo and the barn. I'm not that thrilled about the tractor block but I might change my mind about making that one once I get that far. Sometimes it's all about the challenge.


  1. love your quilt Kathy. great job! we are getting ready to pick out Marchs blocks. a lot of our group had issues with eye operations and the flu so we are a little behind. I will send them your way to check out your quilt for inspiration!

    1. Please do let me know. Best wishes for healing to your group.

  2. Oh your Farm girl is so pretty--you are really moooving (hahaha never gets old!!) along so well. Hugs, Julierose

  3. beautiful, can't wait to get mine together