What's on the design board?

This month I am starting fresh. I'm not sure how thing will go, there are many family birthdays that are celebrated this month so I'm not really sure about my sewing time. I think I will have to be very diligent in order to accomplish things.

I thought I would try something new so I got out my Farm Girl Vintage book and my scrap basket. I made a few sample blocks in order to plan out a color way for a sampler quilt. The blocks on my design board are the results of that process. I really don't know which block I like best. Do I use up some bright colors or do I go with the vintage softer colors? I am just not sure where this project is going. Maybe I should put away my scrap basket and start with new fabrics because I am not thrilled with any of these blocks.

I do love auditioning things on my design board though and I love looking back at my progress over the months. I feel very lucky today.
Farm Girl Vintage Sample Blocks


  1. I bought my book the beginning of the month and am really enjoying making these blocks

  2. if you look at the original quilt she has some brights and some more muted tones. I think when you get more blocks done you will see they all play nice with each other. I too struggled with that but took a "devil may care" attitude and I am liking them so far.

  3. make your "rejects" into potholders. a fun way to still use them up.