Quilt Show Entries

The Winter Quilt Show in West Bend, Wisconsin is one of my favorite quilt shows. It doesn't hurt that it always falls on the weekend right before my birthday. My husband comes with me to the show and he enjoys buying me my birthday present from one of the vendors at the show.  It's a win-win for both of us; he gives me a gift he knows I will definitely enjoy and appreciate while making the decision of what to get very easy.

This year I decided to enter some of my quilts in the show. I've never done that before. I chose to enter 4 quilts in the show; my selvage quilt, my shoo-fly, modern battlefield, and pick-it fences quilts. I can't believe I took the plunge and actually entered a contest. I'm not all that confident with my work. I wrote up the paperwork necessary to enter them, added the proper quilt labels required by the show's committee and off we went today to the drop-off point.

I have no expectations as to how this will turn out but I am already glad I took that first step. Maybe this year, instead of my husband getting me a birthday present, I will get some more self confidence in my quilting...what a gift that would be!


  1. good luck! and how wonderful that it is near your birthday for some cool quilty gifts from hubs.

    1. Thank you. Looking forward to a great Saturday.