182 Day Solstice Quilt Challenge - Week 10

I just finished block #10 in the 182-day winter solstice mystery quilt challenge.

I purposely skipped blocks 8 and 9. Block 8 is a heart-in-a-heart-in-a-heart applique thing that I just do not like. I thought I would make it anyway, but I just cannot bring myself to do it.

Block 9 is this huge thing that has lots of half-square triangles. I tried to make it. I cut the pieces and made the half-square triangles and put the pieces on the design board. Just did not like that one either. At least I tried to make it.

It was a reminder as to how much I really hate mystery quilt projects. Maybe I will revisit these blocks after my disappointment fades. I am using a pretty fabric bundle where all the fabrics are well coordinated, but this is still not tickling my fancy. I have to stop with the mystery thing - that's all that's to it. I usually need to plan things out from beginning to end before committing to a quilt top - it's just who I am. I knew better from past experience but I talked myself into trying again.

I hate to sound so negative, but I'm not afraid to admit when something doesn't turn out as I wish. I see a charity quilt - so all is not lost.


  1. pretty blocks. I too started that challenge and fizzled out with blocks I didnt care for. Pat Sloan usually makes her quilts asymmetrical which is against my linear grain too. but I DO love some of the blocks and may add some regular 12 inch blocks in blues for mine to make a quilt. we will see. right now on the back burner it goes. love your blocks. what if you made a table runner out of them and some potholders. would make a nice gift for someone.

    1. Thank you for the great ideas. I do love some of the blocks too, just not all of them. I hope your back burner projects are few!