Fussy Foldover Basket

I followed the Fussy Foldover Basket tutorial from Mon Petit Lyons' blog. The baskets looked cute and I thought they might be the right size to hold my scraps. My plan is to find the right size basket then make a bunch of them in different colors. Each basket will hold the scraps that pertain to the color of said basket.

I changed a few things from the tutorial. I pieced the fabric for the outside of the basket instead of using 1 piece of fabric. I made the the pieces 12" x 10" instead of 10" square. Instead of using fusible fleece, I chose to use leftover batting and I quilted the batting to the outside pieces of the basket. The original basket also has a pocket on the outside and I chose to exclude it.

Once finished, I pulled all my pinks and reds from my scrap basket. I loaded them into their new home. I thought this basket would be the perfect size but it turns out that all my scraps don't quite fit. The basket finished 7" x 6" wide and 7" tall. When the basket rim is folded over, it's 6" tall. It is definitely a nice size, but too small for my plan. I had to leave out the bigger scraps, they just didn't fit.

I really liked making this basket and I will probably make more, just not for holding my scraps. The original tutorial can be found here.

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