Quick and Easy Fabric Baskets

I found the perfect basket for my current scrappy needs! I used the Quick and Easy Fabric Basket tutorial from the Simple as That blog. The tutorial can be found here. The baskets are large. They finish at 14" x 6" and they are 7" tall.

At first I thought I wanted smaller baskets; one in each primary color to throw my scraps of that same color inside. After I made one red/pink basket, I realized I did not want to dedicate the amount of time necessary to make at least 6 of those things. That doesn't mean I won't make one in each color eventually, just not all at once.

So I dug some cute twill fabric left over from a bean bag chair I made for my granddaughters. I decided that this would be good fabric to use in my basket experiment thinking that if I didn't like the finished project, I could pass it on to my granddaughters for their stuffed animals. But alas...they turned out to be just the right size!

Instead of using scrap batting to line the baskets, I used Pellon 809 craft fuse decor bond interfacing. It is very stiff and makes a nice interior that stands up to the twill. I was happy that I had enough fabric to make 2 matching baskets. The only change I made from the original instructions is instead of cutting 2 interior/exterior pieces 11" x 22", I cut 1 piece 21" x 22". So there was no bottom seam. Since I had such large pieces of fabric to work with, it seemed silly to cut them in half. So I saved myself the effort of the extra seam.

 I chose to use some of the decorative stitches on my machine to embellish the basket handles and the upper edge of the baskets. It was a lot of fun using the stitches and I will have to do more of that with future projects. Like maybe use some different weigh threads.

All my scraps worth keeping fit nicely in one basket and all the bigger project leftover pieces fit great in the other. I really really like the baskets. However, I do think I will make some more out of different fabrics...these would look cuter in my granddaughters' bedroom than in my sewing room.


  1. so cute and great for scrap storage. how about making color coordinating ones for scrap storage. red for red scraps, blue for blue etc. they would look fabulous

    1. That is a good plan. Right now I'm working on getting the size right. Thank you for the suggestion.