My Elna in Mode #2

My newest sewing machine comes with many stitches. So many that they are grouped into modes. Six modes, in fact. There are little images next to each stitch setting that gives a nice visual of how the stitch will look. Somehow that's not enough for me. There's just not enough in that little picture to help me see what the stitch will look like when I use it.

Today I decided to take a scrap quilt sandwich to test out some of the stitches in mode #2. By stitching an entire row I got a better idea of what the stitch setting looks like. I did not adjust any of the default stitch widths or lengths so that I had the baseline view of the stitches. I chose my favorite stitches and sewed a long row then wrote the stitch number next to the row. It was a lot of fun and I think this will be a handy little thing to have the next time I want to add a little embellishment to a project.

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